LITHIUM is going through vigorous turbulent times, in a market that is transitioning to mass demand for renewable energy sources and the need for mass energy storage. This highly strategic material is the key to future energy management and the best performing raw material for every day use batteries up to high energy storage devices for the military and aerospace. But LITHIUM is also used for a wide array of normal applications, from glass and ceramic, to aluminium and alloy production. 

We have witnessed a very tight first semester, with supply hardly keeping the pace of demand and price sky rocketing to unprecedented levels. now we feel the pinch of the chinese governmental clampdown on alleged fraud cases from Chinese battery manyfacturers. The spot market for Lithium in China has recently seen slight price drops, but many believe this is a temporary situation though. Demand is expected to resume soon, with fundamentals from the market supporting double digits growth thorugh to 2020 at least.

The market share of the “BIG 3” remains under pressure, giving way to Chinese producers who are now market leaders in sales and revenues. it is interesting to follow Joe Lowry’s analysis of the new projects that are much needed to support the sustained increased demand.

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